Hillsborough Bio-Diesel Producer Hosts ‘Big Green Bus’


June 21, 2013 – by John Patten, Hillsborough Patch

Dartmouth College educational vehicle fuels up in Hillsborough—then makes a stop at Duke Farms.

Duke Farms hosted the Big Green Bus, which was refueled with biodiesel provided by American By-Products Recyclers before continuing on its cross-country journey, as part of a Father’s Day sustainability event this past Sunday.

“We are incredibly honored to have hosted the students who are running the Big Green Bus this summer,” Nora Wagner, director of programs at Duke Farms, which covers an area of more than 2,740 acres in Hillsborough, said. “At Duke Farms, we believe in being the change, and that is exactly what the Big Green Bus crew members are doing. I think our guests now realize that preserving the environment is something that they can do as well. If these students can live on this bus run on biodiesel for an entire summer, the rest of us can make some small changes to protect the environment, too.”

Fillingupwithbiodiesel“After we filled them up with biodiesel at Duke Farms, we gave the students a tour of our used cooking oil facility just down the street, and I think it really hit home that waste can be converted to fuel,” Todd Magee, co-owner of American By-Products Recyclers, said.  “It’s gratifying to see a new enthusiastic group of students each year willing to dedicate their summers to being part of the change.”

The Big Green Bus team of 12 Dartmouth College students presented individual accounts about their journeys and discussed environmental sustainability with the event attendees. Their primary message involved encouraging everyone to be part of the change by making small, practical alterations to their lifestyle.

Buscrewsharetheirstories2Environmental sustainability-themed activities furthered this message. Children and adults alike contributed to a mural exhibit entitled “Sustainability is…” Duke Farms also provided environmental learning activity stations and scavenger hunts for the children.

“The event created a sense of appreciation for environmental sustainability across generations, which is really important,” said Michael Catania, executive director of Duke Farms. “I think our guests felt a sense of wonder and amazement at the bus, and it really helped put things into perspective.”



Duke Farms visitors tour the Big Green Bus, a bus run on biodiesel that will serve as the home for 12 Dartmouth students as they travel across the country this summer


KidsActivitiesChildren participate in environmental sustainability-themed activities in front of the Big Green Bus at Duke Farms

For more information on the Big Green Bus, visit www.thebiggreenbus.org.