Going ‘Green’

Why Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil?

1.  It’s THE LAW.  In New York City, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations mandate the proper disposal of waste cooking oil in restaurants and other public establishments.   Increasingly, New Jersey municipalities are requiring that restaurants dispose of their waste cooking oil in the proper fashion.  The State of New Jersey has mandated by law that municipalities comply as of 2012 with the “Recycling Enhancement Act” N.J.S.A. 13:1E-00.16.  American By-Products Recyclers will provide you with all necessary documentation to prove your establishment is complying with these laws.  

2.  It’s good for the ENVIRONMENT.  When you recycle your used vegetable oil, not only are you helping maintain the health of your local sewer system, you are also contributing to the production of alternative fuels like biodiesel.  These alternative fuels reduce the U.S.’s reliance on foreign oil and ultimately reduce harmful carbon emissions into the environment produced by traditional gasoline.

Our “Green” Partnerships

Courtyard Marriott New York JFK

Congratulations to one of our clients, Courtyard Marriott New York JFK, which recently was honored as a top “green” facility by Marriott worldwide. We are pleased to be part of your green efforts by collecting your used cooking oil! See American By-Products Recyclers in action starting at 1:10.


Dartmouth College’s “Big Green Bus”

June 16, 2013 – American By-Products Recyclers proudly sponsored 12 students traveling across the USA in Dartmouth College’s Big Green Bus for the second year running, providing enough biodiesel to fuel the bus for over 1200 miles!