Cooking Oil Collection and Recycling NYC NJ

To be placed on our regular FREE pickup schedule, please CALL US TODAY:  (800) 825-0630
The last thing you want to think about when operating your business is your used fryer oil. Let us put you on our regular pickup schedule! Our professional, uniformed drivers remove your used cooking oil either by pump, or in 55 gallon containers – we will provide the right used cooking oil container to suit your needs. Our collection services are FREE, and in many cases our clients qualify for a $ rebate!
IMG_2261At American By-Products Recyclers, service is a family tradition. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and personalized service.  We service clients in New York (including Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island) and New Jersey. Read what our customers have to say about us.  Let us take care of your used cooking oil recycling, so that YOU can focus on your restaurant business.