MANHATTAN Used Cooking Oil Collection – Call (800) 825-0630


If you own or manage a restaurant in Manhattan, we would be pleased to service your used cooking oil collection needs, so you can focus on running your restaurant.

When you call our friendly office staff at (800) 825-0630, we will arrange to have one or more used cooking oil containers positioned at your location.

We know that Manhattan restaurants face special space constraints, so we are committed to working with you to provide a suitable sized container for you to store your used cooking oil – whether that’s a large bin or a 55-gallon waste vegetable oil drum.  We will then place you on an appropriate service schedule to ensure that your used cooking oil is disposed of regularly and efficiently.

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Oh, and by the way, isn’t it nice to know that the used cooking oil we pick up from your restaurant is recycled in our state-of-the-art settling facility, so it can be used in earth-friendly applications such as biodiesel?

See our central Manhattan service area by zip code

Do you know that American By-Products Recyclers first began picking up waste vegetable oil from our Manhattan restaurant clients in 1914?  That’s right!  Great-grandfather Papa Luigi and his trusted horse Barney used to trudge down the streets of Manhattan, picking up used cooking oil from restaurants in old wooden barrels.  Manhattan is in our blood.

Well, gone are the days of the horse and carriage, but our commitment to excellent service has stood the test of time.  American By-Products Recyclers has a fleet of specialized waste oil collection trucks and a crew of courteous and professional uniformed drivers dedicated to picking up your used cooking oil in Manhattan.Horse and carriage

As a restaurant owner or manager, your job is to offer your customers excellent food and service.  Our job at American By-Products Recyclers is to make your life easier, by making sure you never have to think about your used cooking oil disposal.

Call us at (800) 825-0630 for prompt collection of your waste vegetable oil, or fill out our form below. We never share your information.

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